Cross Roads of Life

Hey all,

My first ever blog post.. feels so surreal to start with the passion that was blurred with the regular 9 to 5 job, after my Mechanical Engineering, which usually comes with a bundle of stress & perks. Fast forward three & half years, here I am trying to figure myself out. 

Things have been really great if I look back from where I have started to where I am now.. Job was great, package was even more great that made me handle all my expenses from the age of 17. Also the career fetched a lot of name and fulfilled many of my dreams. (traveling the world & shopping).But I am at cross roads now wherein all I have is two paths, go for money (regular office job) and put a full stop to the heart felt desires & passion or to take an unconventional path (which is really tough by the way, as I have to leave the monthly salary) and start a fresh career from the scratch. 

After loads of ‘over’ thinking…

Here I am with this blog, which is all about my Lifestyle & Travel, that I am building from scratch. I really want to document this day because with lots of hope one day when I look back at this I get to feel this was the best ever decision. 


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