2017 Fashion Trends

How to Look Fashionable – 2017 Fashion Guide for Women/ Girls

Fashion says “Me too” but style says “Only Me”!!

I am a true believer of this, nevertheless knowing what is current trend in 2017 does not hurt oneself as long as it is not blindly followed (*copied) but incorporated to one’s style.

Moving on some of the best trends of 2017 are wearable by all the girls especially in India. This guide will be helpful for revamping your wardrobe for the year. Having filmed a video on this, here are the wearable clothing trends for 2017 according to me.

  1. Boxy Top with Bell Sleeves
  2. One shoulder tops to off shoulder ones
  3. Ruffles (everywhere skirts, tops etc..)
  4. Pom Pom & Tassels are back (sandals, dress, kimono, tops etc..)
  5. Camouflage (Jackets to pants to tops..)
  6. Stripes are here to rule still (tops, dresses, palazzo, pants, skirts ..)
  7. Patched denims and quoted denims (quirky quotes written all over the pant)
  8. Floral prints (Jumpsuit, dresses, blouses etc.

Check the YOUTUBE page above to watch the video I made on 2017 Wearable Fashion Trends!

Loads of Love,


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