Patched Denim Shorts

How to Style Patch Denim Shorts & Cute kitten Top 

Cute outfits & things allure me, that being said, I came across this patched denim shorts. The rest of the story is the picture you see below. These shorts are perfect for the summers with banana patch, heart, like patches; embroidered patches all over the denim shorts. I just paired it the patched shorts with a tee that is more cuter. The purr cat printed on the pocket is so adorable and is of cotton, I can basically live on these cute t shirts. Pair it up with sneakers or loafers to make a perfectly comfortable yet cute outfit in no time this summer 2017.

IMG_9753 2




DM me on my Instagram to buy the cat t shirt or the patched denim shorts from me!

Check out my Youtube to find wearable outfits video for summer in India.

Sending good vibes,





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