DIY Denim Jeans to Frayed High Low Hem

DIY Frayed Denims

Today’s post is a simple yet fun DIY to stay on top of the fashion trends without having to spend a thing. I am talking about the frayed DIY denims that are absolutely in trend these days which adds up some quirkiness to the same old jeans we wear on a daily basis.

All you need is..

  • Old pair of denim
  • Scissors
  • Marking pen or chalk

That’s it you are good to go..These images are pretty simple to understand.

  1. Just lay the old pair of denims you want to DIY into Frayed High Low Hem Denims
  2. Trace the bottom part as to how much is required to trim or fray.
  3. Cut off the excess
  4. Make sure to cut the front part alone more deeper to make it as a trend.
  5. Voila you are done. To make the ends look more polished just pull out the threads to get the frayed ends.


This is the final look I put together with the denims I DIY.

#SHOPADITY is all about the quirky & cute outfits which I would love to stuff my wardrobe with & all of which I post on my blog, Instagram & Youtube videos. You can buy them too from me by mailing me at or DM me on my instagram @adityiyerr.

With Good Vibes,



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